female pediatrician-pointing at eye chart for a mother and child

Seeing an Eye Doctor or Optometrist Regularly

Whether you or a member of your family is going in for their initial eye exam, going in for a follow-up eye exam, or going in to see a new eye doctor for the first time, there are a number of standard questions that you can anticipate being asked. However, the responses that you provide to these questions during eye exams are anything but routine for your eye doctor.

Things That Should Be Remembered

It is highly recommended that you bring any of the following things with you to your eye exam appointment (if you have them):

Your insurance card and information, if you have them.

A list of all the drugs, vitamins, and other supplements that you are currently taking.

Glasses with a prescription that you already own

A copy of the most recent prescription for your eyeglasses.

Details on the eyewear that appeals to you or the research you've done on lenses

a clipboard with papers and a pencil and a pair of glasses resting on top

Don't forget

If you are enrolled in a program for flexible spending accounts, you may be able to use those accounts to pay for portions of your eye care that aren’t directly covered by your insurance policy. This is something you should keep in mind. Ask our receptionist for details.