Profesional Eye Care

At Lunovus Eye Care, we provide superior eye care and eyewear of the highest quality, and we never lose sight of the fact that you have a choice in the matter. Building a personal relationship with you is one of our primary objectives because we want you to feel comfortable recommending us to your circle of family and friends. Not only are our eye doctors highly skilled at performing routine eye exams, such as the prescription of eyeglasses and contact lenses, but they also make use of the most cutting-edge technology available in the field of eye health in order to identify early warning signs of ocular disease and to treat eye allergies or complex vision problems. This helps to ensure that patients maintain healthy vision throughout their lifetime.

Working For You

We are the only independent office in the surrounding area to have a full service surface and finish lab on site, which allows us to excel at the creation of custom quality eyewear (in most cases, the very same day!). We have an incredible collection of eyeglasses, fantastic sunglasses, eyewear for children, and the most recent advancements in digital technology, which can be found everywhere from our lenses to the examination room. Consider the distinction between regular and high-definition (HD) television... Your vision, when viewed through digital lenses, has the potential to be clearer and more crisp than ever before! In addition, we provide professional eyeglass repair, most of the time while you wait.

Every member of our team works hard to earn and keep your trust for the long haul. Make an appointment for your eyes today, and you'll be able to rediscover the one-of-a-kind difference that personable eye care makes!